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a new beginning
Saturday. 1.1.05 7:20 pm
happy new year people...
but u kno what this means right?? school is closing in...
but it was bound to happen...
anyways..here's my list of new year's resolutions

-try not to be so violent
-not curse as much
-be more respectful towards my family
-try not to whine as much when they tell me to do something
-eat more healthy food
-kick out my internet addiction
-try and call my friends a lot more

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here's another one
Friday. 12.24.04 5:10 pm
ok.. i've been told yet again by another person to update.. and so i will

i can't wait til later tonight.. SANTA IS COMING!! and we get to open presents.. ok so it's been like a tradition now.. to open when midnight strikes.. or atleast wait unil 11 to open presents.. so last year was great.. my uncle dressed up as santa for my niece and nephew.. he was all like HO HO HO and everything.. my nephew was afraid of him... haha kinda sad cuz my niece loved santa.. she was all in front of the window and stuff and trying to talk to santa.. of course we wouldn't let him in.. just because u kno.. they'd know who it was.. but he did leave a big sack of presents!! which was like really cool...

so far.. xmas has been a little disappointing.. with no snow and everything.. but it will get better... tonight anyway... i hear its going to snow?? this weekend?? idk.. but i hope so..

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Tuesday. 12.21.04 7:08 pm
one question.. how the hell does this thing work?? ok well two and how do u add friends??? ahhh

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a new entry!
354th day of 2004
ok wow... i'm finally writing a new entry.. yes.. cuz erica wants me to... haha i'm freakin glad it's finally break.. but i'm sick so that sucks.. n we have that stupid proj for burke.. n rock's thing.. n i need to study my spanish.. cuz yea i didn't do such a hot job on the one we took last week.. plus everything we learned from the beginnin to now will be on the finals... we finally went xmas shopping.. although it's freakin late.. soo many ppl at the malls tho.. n now we finally have presents under the tree!! yay!! but only one of em is for me.. awww.. haha yeah i can't wait till xmas eve.. cuz that's when we open presents.. i hope i get somethin good from my aunt this time.. cuz last year she got me this like barbie clock thingy.. yeah it was great... NOT.... that's all for now.. but i hope it snows.. so this christmas will be somewhat memorable..

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Sunday. 12.12.04 4:49 pm
ahh yes!! i've finally found this again.. but i think i'll make a new one this break.. if i'm not too lazy..

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Thursday. 8.14.03 1:21 am
went to tacoma to my aunt's house n we went to tacoma mall to go shoppin bought 2 shirts from rave i got one that was all chinese inspired haha so that's tyte n i got a skirt a jacket n like a pair of capris n then we went to krispy kremes.....ate remi came home 4m england n she had like a ton of louis vitton n chanel n gucci bags.. to sell n junk... haha

left early 2 go 2 vancouver so that's kinda tyte...hella long drive tho well not that long jus like 3 hours or so....n we got lost going to china town....i think we passed this one place like 5 times all good tho...we were so lost...n then we went to buy some food like atis n lansones....haha so good...n we met up with ate anna's friend....n then we went to order like 13 boxes of siopao...n my sis was like lookn for this one soap opera thing 4 my cuzns in the p.i... costs like 150 bucks haha so we didn't buy it but we did buy like these posters that they wanted....haha n then we ate....n went to GOLDILOCKS! YEAH! so good there...n ordered lots of cake n stuff...n then we went to buy pandesal....went to a couple of parks...n went to this one house....hella big looks small tho it has 4 bedrooms at the bottom n 3 at the top... that's the kind of house i want haha... it was ate anna's friend's house.....then we went home n yeah ate n by the time we came home it was ten n i missed my shows....o welll

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